How Much Am I Spending?

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How Much Am I Spending?

Where does all the money go? An itemization of your living expenses may help you budget better and plan for future expenses. Use this calculator to help you recall and itemize your living expenses.


  1. Monthly or annual figures?  Monthly Annual 


  1. Mortgage payment or rent 
  2. Vacation home (mortgage) 
  3. Automobile loan(s) 
  4. Personal loan(s) 
  5. Charge accounts 
  6. Federal income taxes 
  7. State income taxes 
  8. FICA (social security taxes) 
  9. Real estate taxes 
  10. Other taxes 
  11. Utilities 
  12. Household repairs and maintenance 
  13. Food 
  14. Clothing and laundry 
  15. Educational expenses 
  16. Child care 
  17. Automobile expenses (gas, repairs, etc.) 
  18. Other transportation expenses 
  19. Life insurance premiums 
  20. Homeowners (renters) insurance 
  21. Automobile insurance 
  22. Medical, dental and disability insurance 
  23. Entertainment and dining 
  24. Recreation and travel 
  25. Club dues 
  26. Hobbies 
  27. Gifts 
  28. Major home improvements and furnishings 
  29. Professional services 
  30. Charitable contributions 
  31. Other and miscellaneous expenses 

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